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Rose Story Farm

Today  is  filled  with  roses!    Earlier today,  I  drove to  Rose Story Farm,  an old fashioned rose farm in Carpenteria, California.  The 15 acre farm nestled between the Santa Barbara Foothills and Pacific Ocean grows 18,000 rose bushes with 120 varieties.

I took the hour long group tour which meandered past charming cottages, fruit trees, and endless rose bushes.  Along the way, we were encouraged to smell different rose varieties.

I was in awe, as each rose has it’s own signature fragrance—some roses were redolent of heirloom french garden roses,   while others were perfumed with honey and spice,  still others appeared to have been swathed in citrus oils.

After the tour, we were treated to afternoon tea, and of course I couldn’t resist shopping in their boutique filled with rose themed gift items.  I purchased rose tea and a pretty box of Jardin wooden matchsticks.

source: © Ty Keennon, this post, posted a day late.