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Plump Sweet Cherries

Recently,  while  shopping in the  produce  section  at  Gelson’s  market,  I  came across cherries in a bag.  Has America really come to this?  Branding for cherries?  Cherries in mid September?

I eyed the bag skeptically, as I read:

Hood River Cherry Company

Mother Nature’s Magic on a Stem

Every cherry in this bag grew plump and sweet on the tree before being plucked and packed by hand.  No machinery.

Magic on a stem, yeah right, I cynically thought…intrigued, I couldn’t resist purchasing a bag.  With the first bite, sweetness exploded in my mouth and sent rhapsodic waves of delight throughout my body.

…And, now as I remember the experience, I have a huge smile across my face, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to purchase another bag later today…

I hope you’re having a terrific week and discovering new pleasures!  Best Wishes and Take Care.

source:  Hood River Cherry Co; Judith Bedard photographed by Gabor Jurina for Fashion Magazine via FGR.