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Maui 2012

My first and last massage occurred seven years ago.

Aloha!  Greetings from Maui…while perusing the resort grounds, I happened upon the Spa.  I asked, just for the heck of it (as my budget is tight), to see the Spa menu.  I quickly skimmed through the menu…facials, massages, and body treatments.

My eyes rested when I came across the Ultimate Cocoon body treatment.  The menu description read:  a relaxing soak in a sea-salt and botanical-extract whirlpool.  Next, sink down into a warm cocoon bed for an Ayurvedic oil-blend wrap…

A warm cocoon bed?  As in caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly sort of thing?  Before I could stop myself, I found a spa attendant, and quizzed her about the cocoon bed.  Her reply,  “It’s one of our finest services.  It’s almost like being in a womb.  You’re cradled, enveloped and massaged in a waterbed type machine.  It simulates being on a raft bobbing and floating in the ocean.”

Seriously?  Bobbing, cocooning, floating, womb?  I nearly howled with laughter.  Who makes this stuff up?  The spa attendant continued, “It’s couples month, should you and your husband opt for this service, you’ll receive a 20% discount.

Say no more, I quickly made reservations for hubby and I.  And, yes the Ultimate Cocoon body treatment was everything the spa attendant said it would be; and phenomenally more

My favorite moments of our vacation…

Attending the Feast at Lele–a polynesian luau featuring hula dancing; Pacific O’s Pineapple and Ginger Martini; Spago’s Spicy Parmesean Flatbread and Carmelized Maui Onion Focaccia; lounging languorously by the pool while reading Semi-Charmed Life; falling asleep each night to the sound of waves gently crashing along the shoreline; and needless to say, the Ultimate Cocoon body treatment and massage.

source: photos © Ty Keennon