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Unfurling Falling Petals

Taking a short break from chores to read poetry while merlot tinged silken peony petals ripened by age—unfurl, collapse, then fall away.

While dusting bookshelves, I stumbled across the following bookmarked poem:

The Outpouring

by David Meuel

It’s the wetness I like.

The way your pores give birth to glittering salty beads

that sprout about your forehead

and run down your cheeks.

Tiny, clinging waterfalls.

The way their adhesive yields

as I unwrap you

each part of your blouse

peeling like sections of a moist tomato skin.

The way more beads grease our kissing bellies,

letting them slap and slide

like rapids on rocks in a river

pounding its path to the sea.

source:  The Outpouring poem by David Meuel appears in Intimate Kisses edited by Wendy Maltz; photographs © Ty Keennon – Henry Peony