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Saturday Loves 18

I was incredibly grateful when September arrived!  

The August heat was nearly unbearable…during the day perspiration rivulets flowed endlessly down my forehead, across my chest, and underneath my breasts; while muggy sleepless nights left me depleted of energy during the day.   

Incredulously, September has been even hotter than August.  I manage to stay cool by eating chunks of chilled watermelon, cherry mint granita, and baring all clothing.  

It is the latter that has confused wonderful hubby, who continuously mistook my nakedness as a passionate plea for whoopee (lol)…How could anyone ever confuse the two in 95° to 103° F  temperatures?     

Recovery from July’s auto accident coupled with the excessive heat proved too much for my To Do lists, and sadly the past 6 weeks have been one of my least productive periods in recent memory.  

Heatwave’s spell has finally broken.  I’m feeling much better.  I’m back in the saddle ready to ride new assignments. 

A few delightful and noteworthy links that have caught my eye and inspired me…  

Wishing you a lovely and productive week! 

photography by Eric Hausman for Luxe

Inspired by European farmhouses, this stunning Wisconsin residence features three stories of ceiling to floor glass windows that provide endless viewing pleasures of Lake Geneva.  This interior is not to be missed! Photographed by Eric Hausman for Luxe Interiors + Design.  Discovered via Savor Home.

Pineapple and Ginger Mint Julep | Drizzle & DipPineapple and Ginger Mint Julep looks incredibly refreshing.  Not to mention pineapple and ginger are two of my favorite ingredients.    I’m looking forward to trying this recipe. Photographer Samantha Linsell for Drizzle and Dip

photographer Boo GeorgeGlamour and opulence in Capri,  Italy as photographed by Boo George for  Vogue Japan October 2014 via The Citizens of Fashion.

photographer Carla CoulsonThe  benefits  of  a  healthy diet  never  cease to amaze me  (as I snack on Dark Ale Spice Gingerbread from Sycamore Kitchen).  

Photographer Carla Coulson shares her inspiring personal account and the remarkable progress she’s experienced as she battles Graves Disease, Alopecia Areata, and Lichen Scierosous.   

Ann Street Studio | Ghana

A striking photograph!  I love the color, framing and composition in this image.  In addition, depth is created by having a strong foreground and background, that produces visual richness.  Ann Street Studio ventured to Ghana and shared their journey here.  

I apologize for my tardiness in posting this entry…weekend activities and chores got the best of me and I wasn’t able to finish until 5:30 am this morning.