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This month I’m participating in B Bar’s September link-up.  My goals for the Fall include: 1 – Learn how to design websites.  Website design and development is a skill that I never thought I’d learn; however, I have creative ideas that I’d like to employ on my blog.   Initially, I thought I’d find a simple plug-in for […]

1) When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is,  Thank and praise my Heavenly Father for another blessed and wonderful day.  Then I jump into the shower and begin my day. 2)  I can hardly wait for  summer!  I’m excited about launching my new photography website and summer vacations.  This […]

These questions are courtesy of The Little Things We Do. If money wasn’t an issue, the first thing I’d cross off my life list is:  establish a philanthropic charitable foundation dedicated to awarding college scholarships.  The second item I’d cross off my list is purchasing a vacation home on the East Coast, in either Martha’s […]

These questions are courtesy of Lauren at The Little Things We Do. 1.  The holiday season  is  a special time to celebrate Jesus Christ; the perfect time to be grateful and count my blessings; a wonderful time to gather with family and friends, a fabulous time to set new goals for the upcoming year, and a […]