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Unbelievably spectacular images photographed by Lee Jeffries.  These photographs are gritty, graphically provocative, and hauntingly beautiful.  I love how texture, light, and shadow swirl throughout the photographs…forcibly pulling me in.  source: Lee Jeffries;  His photographs may be licensed through Getty Images.

I find Susan Burnstine’s photography dreamy, ethereal, evocative, and imaginative. When I view her work,  I always feel as though  I’m traipsing through a dream during twilight. Even more fascinating, Burnstine’s images are created using homemade cameras made from vintage camera parts.  Burnstine’s book, Within Shadows may be purchased here and here. source:  Susan

I’ve never been able to resist dramatic and moody lighting.  I love the contrast and juxtaposition between shadows and light.  Samantha Harris, an Australian model of Aboriginal and German descent, is photographed by Cara Stricker for Karen Magazine issue unknown.  Styled by Bex Sheers. source: Fashion Copious