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“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” Quote: Émile Zola, French writer Good Morning.  Happy Monday! How quickly the weekend came and went.  It feels as though Friday morphed into Sunday overnight! Although, it passed quickly, I had a wonderful time dining at Nobu.  The bite sized Lobster […]

Since the arrival of Spring, we’ve (Los Angelenos) been experiencing and enjoying such gorgeous weather!    During the weekend,  I  accomplished  and  crossed  off  numerous items from my To Do List leaving me feeling invigorated and refreshed… A couple of fanciful pleasures I’ve ordered, signed up for, and can’t wait to see…all guaranteed to inspire […]

“Before he reached the town the sun was high and rinsing the standing wheat fields, quiet but for their resplendent shushing.” Good Morning! It’s Friday…Yay!!  Taking a short break from editing photos from a recent photo shoot… In this moment, I’m indulging in the delicate lemony rose fragrance of Maria Theresa (bounty from yesterday’s forage […]

    Good Morning Friends!  Happy Monday!! I’m super excited…have four photo shoots planned for this week, and on Saturday, I’m photographing an actress/singer whose debut album will soon be released. Wishing all of you a beautiful and most splendid week! source: photographs and layout 1 thru 4 © Ty Keennon; photograph 5, photographer unknown.

Taking a short break from chores to read poetry while merlot tinged silken peony petals ripened by age—unfurl, collapse, then fall away. While dusting bookshelves, I stumbled across the following bookmarked poem: The Outpouring by David Meuel It’s the wetness I like. The way your pores give birth to glittering salty beads that sprout about your forehead […]